The Homeless Professional Nomad


I don’t have a ‘home’ per se, rather I like to think that I have multiple homes across the planet. My life fits in to a bag (or rather two small bags) and I go where I need to be. I consider myself a Professional Nomad (as opposed to a Digital Nomad) because I am a consultant and I tend to work on client sites. This can mean different client sites each day – travelling regularly, or it can mean long terms contracts with the same client – travelling less.

Digital Nomads make their living on the go using their laptop and internet connection. This is the ultimate freedom since DNs can work literally anywhere but it comes at a price:

  • isolation and self starting (not working as part of a team)
  • small-scale projects (less likely to work on a large and complex project) and
  • financial uncertainty (unsure where the next chuck of income will come from).

The upside is being able to choose where you work and live and changing that at the drop of a hat.

As a Professional Nomad I have much greater certainty over my income and I get to work on some fantastic large-scale complex projects. The lifestyle also lends itself well to my particular skillset which is Engineering. I still get to travel (since I’m not tied to a single ‘home’ location) and the gaps in contracts still allow for a much greater amount of time for personal travel.

Living like this relies on;

  • Travelling Light (being able to quickly pack up and go)
  • Renting Furnished (AirBnB / hotel or serviced accommodation)
  • Being Flexible (working around client deadlines / locations)
  • Having Funds (for those unforseen emergencies)

The internet, portable technology and cheaper flights have made the world a smaller place, so being away from those you love is no longer the major deal it once was. I make the effort to fly back to see my immediate family as regularly as I can, and I try to take in a new city on the way there and back each time too.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how do I live permanently out of just two bags. I have decided to answer this question over a series of posts detailing what I carry with me and why:

The Professional Nomad Wardrobe

The Professional Nomad Workbag


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