Everything I Own 2018 (Pt 1)

It’s that time of year again folks! Actually I’m a little late this year but who’s counting eh? This year has seen a few changes to my gear – not a lot but a few. The biggest change was buying a new laptop which led to a few changes in peripherals (to make use of the wonders of USB-C). I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago… so let’s start this years list with;



I did have fun making this image. Apparently it’s called knolling. It’s a thing now. Also since I do this with everything I own I guess that makes me a knoll it all.

I’ll get my (one) coat…

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that I basically have a uniform of black merino, and an asset maintenance regime that’s almost military in its geekyness. The end result is that my clothing setup doesn’t change much and it has been essentially the same for about 4 years now. However I did have to refresh a few things (worth noting for maintenance costs) and I also found a rather interesting pair of shoes (changes marked up in red):

I now own 45 items of clothing weighing in at 8.4kg (down from 48 items and 9.8kg last year). For my full review of all of these items see my 2017 Gear Post.

The downside to having only a few items and using them a lot is that they do need replacing regularly, notably my Brook Taverner suit (always good to look sharp in the office). I generally find socks and boxers only last around 2 years on continuous rotation but that does equate to over 100 wears and washes each. I was slightly disappointed that my prAna Bridger Jeans only lasted a year but I love them enough to give them another shot and I did wear them a lot.


I have been wearing Dr Martens for many many years. They’re heavy (1250g) but they look good and they’re very comfortable for daily wear. I generally buy a new pair each year as I do a lot of walking and kill them quickly. Normally I buy the AirWair brand from the UK, because the ‘proper’ Dr Martens made in China are of lower quality. This time I picked up a pair whilst in the UK in November for my brother’s wedding but it seems that all DMs (including AirWair) are now made in China. Sufficed to say the heel came off after just four months which was pretty disappointing.

Around the same time my beloved Nike Free 5.0s (480g) also started to fail after 3 years of thrashing, the tread was gone and the colour had shifted from the pitch black of shiny newness to a light charcoal grey (likely as a result of significant sun exposure).

I set myself a challenge of finding one pair of shoes to serve both purposes; office and trekking / hiking at the weekend. They needed to be smart, simple, black (duh), comfortable, water resistant and offer good grip without too much bulk or height.

arcteryx-acrux-sl-2Arc’Teryx is a brand I have a lot of respect for but, honestly, I’d not seen their shoes before. The Acrux is designed for comfort and uses an integrated tongue making it more like a slipper with laces than a shoe. There are three variants; The SL, the GTX (GoreTex) and the GTX Leather. I opted for the first because it was the only one that looked like it could pass for an office shoe, the other two are clearly designed for trekking and look the part. I’ve only been wearing them (daily) for one month but thus far I am loving them. They have coped incredibly well hiking over rocks, beaches, and trail paths and look equally at home in the office and on the wet streets of Sydney. If the durability is good I may have found the perfect shoe for me.

I’ll list my 92 non clothing items next time.