Everything I Own 2018 (Pt 2)

Clothing aside, I have 92 items of gear (including tech) all displayed below.


Like last time, I’ll talk through the differences rather than covering everything again.

Dopp Kit


The only changes to my Dopp were:

  • The washbag itself; I swapped my well worn white Eagle Creek Specter ‘Quick Trip’ washbag for a black one (or Ebony as they like to call it).
  • I found some awesome small polyethelene travel bottles at Muji for my shampoo (50g), sunscreen (30g) and hand moisturiser (30g) which were very cheap at $2.50 and $1.75 respectively.
  • I now carry a teeny tiny 10g pot of Tiger Balm which was a giveaway at a hotel in KL.

I have tried a different deodorant this year in Arm & Hammer ‘Natural’ Baking Soda but it didn’t agree with me and despite claiming to be ‘scent free’ was noticeably citrusy. Everything else is the same although I’m lower on supplies than last year.

Eagle Creek Specter Washbag 42
Body Crystal Deodorant Ammonium Alum 138
Philips Norelco Shaver PQ208/40 (92g, Brush 2g ,Guard 6g, 2xAA 30g) 130
Colgate Omron 150 Toothbrush (33g, Head 4g, Guard 3g,  2xAAA 14g) 54
Toothpaste 50
Shampoo in 50ml 11g poly tube 71
Hand Moisturiser in 30ml 8g Poly Tube 44
Sunscreen in 30ml 8g Poly Tube 42
Stingose Gel 30
Antisepctic Cream 18
Hair Fiber 10ml plastic tub 37
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Nail Clippers 32
Electric Toothbrush Colgate Omron Heads (x2) 8
Stainless Steel Tweezers 7
Tooth Floss Sticks 5
Hearos Earplugs 4
Interdental Brushes 3



Ah my trusty Tortuga Air (2014)… my daily companion for almost four years now and still going strong. The straps are beginning to show signs of wear and the material is a bit fluffier than last year but it’s still a workhorse and my favourite bag ever. I’ve made some minor modifications; including removing the internal straps and applying velcro loops to the loose shoulder straps – reducing the weight to a nice 1030g. Frankly I think I’ll be hard pressed to replace it when it finally gives up. There are very few 35l bags in that weigh range these days.

The rest of my gear is the same except:


  • I invested in a HumanGear Go Bites Duo after ordering curry from a posh restaurant (where they clearly expected customers to bring the food home to a fully functional kitchen) and I had to eat it with two hotel tea spoons.
  • I ditched the Sharpie after not using it for a year. I also found a black version of the Bic 4-colour pen, which I just had to have.
  • I swapped my beloved (but hellish expensive) Logitech Ultimate Ears (18g / £75) for a pair of Bluetooth Anker Soudbuds Slim (15g / £15). I was astonished by the sound quality (once I’d fitted Comply Foam plugs) and the battery life is pretty great too. I bought a second pair for my EDC.
  • I also found some passport sized grip seal baggies to provide some water protection for my only paper belongings (Passport and Vaccinations certs).
Hearos earplugs in Case 6
Pocket Tissues 24
Saccharin Sweetner 20
Passport 34
Vaccination Certification 15
Humangear GoBites Duo Grey (Spoon and Fork) 11
Bic Pen Mutifunction 4 Colour Ball Pen 12
Uniball Micro Blue Pen 11
Travel and Spare Credit Cards 35
Ray-Ban Sunglasses Case and Cloth 50
Ray-Ban Sunglasses Unisex Adult Aviator Black 32
Keys 44
Lewis N Clark Light Compact Travel Umbrella 282

OSK (Oh Shit Kit)

oskThe meds in my OSK may have swapped around a bit but the contents are essentially the same and it still weighs in at just 100g.

Eagle Creek Zip Stash Case (OSK) 16
Ibuprofen 6
Antihistamine 2
Loperamide 3
Lemsip x2 8
Paracetemol x2 12
Butterfly Plasters 4
Misc Plasters & Medistrips 5
Titanium Pocket Bit Keyring 4
Sewing Kit (6x Thread, 4x Needles, 8x Buttons, 6x Safety Pins) 8
Chapstick 9
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Ultra Slim 15
Stainless Steel Tweezers 8

EDC (Every Day Carry)

This year I opted to upgrade my flagging iPhone 6 for the new iPhone 8 (rather than the X as I still appreciate an actual hardware button). The uplift to 256GB SSD is a game changer for me as it means I can carry all of my music without continually having to delete old to make way for new. I’m not willing to shift to streaming as I fly too much. The camera is also noticeably better. As mentioned previously I upgraded my UE headphones for Anker bluetooth but the wallet and watch are the same as last year.

Apple iPhone 8 256GB w case (Phone 148, Case 15) 163
Bluetooth Headphones Anker Soundbuds Slim+ (Micro USB) 15
Ice Watch Unisex 46
Wallet Slimfold Micro Soft Shell RFID 64



I’ve described my new laptop setup in a previous post although, since then, I’ve ditched the swanky HP mouse that came with the laptop as the bluetooth kept crapping out. Back to my old trusty Logitech M337.

Laptop HP Spectre x360 – 13-ae003na i7-8550U, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD 1238
Laptop Charger 45W 131g w AU plug 17g and 2m Anker cable 52g 200
Mouse Logitech Bluetooth M337 (59g + 15g AA) 74
HP Tilt Stylus Pen 10g w AAAA battery 6g 16
TOTAL 1528



My techgear now weighs in at just 825g and everything fits in the ten year old WH Smith pencil case bar the awesome UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker. Here’s the full list:

WH Smith Pencil Case 57
Samsung SSD Portable T5 2TB USB 3.1 51
Anker Battery AstroMini 3200mAh out 1A 84
Amazon Short Cable USB 2.0 Lightning 10cm 6
Anker Bluetooth Headphones Soundbuds Slim (Micro USB) 15
Sony Antistatic Cloth 14
Adapter HDMI male to VGA female 10
Adapter USB-C male to HDMI 4K female 10
2x Momax Adaptercable USB-A to USB Micro 6g ea 12
Adapter USB-A to USB-C 6
Baggie Comply Tx-500 w Wax Guard Medium 2 pairs 2
Spare Batteries AA 15g (Mouse) and AAAA 6g (HP Pen) 21
Lexar Flashdrive USB 3.0 128Gb Jumpdrive S45 2
Transcend Flashdrive USB 3.0 32Gb Jet Flash 710S 3
Transcend Flashdrive USB 3.0 *and USB 3.1* 64Gb Jet Flash 890S 4
Laptop Charger Adapters (UK 26g, EU 17g, US 11g) in bag 13g 67
2x Cable Apple USB 2.0 Lightning 100cm (for iPhone) 18g ea 36
2x Charger Apple USB OZ (for iPhone) 28g ea 56
Cable USB 2.0 Micro USB 100cm (for UE Roll) 18
Charger USB OZ (for UE Roll) 37
UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker 314

Other Stuff

miscgearWhich just leaves my MSR Ultralite Packtowl, my Matador FreeRain 24 Waterproof Daypack and my Fortress Exercise band given to me by my physio after a recent shoulder injury.

Ultralite Grey Packtowl XL 100
Freerain 24 Waterproof Ultra-Sil Nylon 24L Daypack 154
Fortress Exercise Band 42

I also neglected to photograph the 9 Eagle Creek Specter packing cubes I use to organise my clothes weighing in at 172g.

So that’s it 92 items, weighing in at 4500g (excluding the 1030g Tortuga bag). Everything gets used and everything is worth the weight.