Paying rent for your stuff

This is the time of year I get to feel very smug about my Onebag lifestyle. I just booked my flights for Christmas. I will be away from Sydney for five weeks and during that time I won’t be paying a cent in rent. In fact the money saved in rent is thousands of dollars and pays for my flight with money left over. Being able to carry my life on my back allows me to live in an AirBnB which means I pay nothing when I’m not there. Of course I’m a good customer so the owner is very happy for me to pick up again when I get back which means I am essentially doing what many others are doing for the holiday season – an expensive flight to see loved ones – but offsetting the cost by not paying rent for my stuff.

Think about it – you go away for Christmas and you pay full-whack rent simply for your less important stuff. All the books, music and clothes you decide aren’t worthy of accompanying you on your trip actually cost you hunderds of dollars more than the stuff you take with you. It would probably be cheaper to put it all in storage and let go of your apartment but then you’d have to renegotiate a contract when you get back, plus pay for storage fees, removals, and all the hassle that goes with it.

You don’t own that stuff. That stuff owns you.