Monochrome Simplicity


“Black isn’t even a colour”

I have worn exclusively black for the last fifteen years now – possibly longer, I don’t really remember when I started I just gradually gravitated towards it. I don’t wear black because I’m a goth, I don’t wear black because I think it’s slimming, I’m not trying to make a fashion statement or attract attention. I wear black because it’s simple.

I have very few clothes but everything I own is black. When I buy clothes I don’t spend ages looking at or deciding over which colour I want. When I do washing I don’t have to worry about doing separate loads and each morning I save myself valuable minutes by not having to decide what to wear.

My simplicity goes further; I have only one brand of each item. All of my (7) tees are Outlier, both of my hoodies are Icebreaker, all of my (7) boxer shorts and (7) socks are Icebreaker, all of my (5) shirts are M&S (but waiting to upgrade to Wool & Prince) and both of my suits are Brook Taverner.

When I pair up my socks I don’t have to engage brain. When I shop I know exactly what product I’m buying because it’s generally a like for like replacement. When I hang stuff in my wardrobe I don’t have to think about where it goes.

But this is simple day to day too. Black does not show dirt or change colour with rain or heat (sweat patches). Black can handle most stains and even the worse kind (such as ink) are not an issue. Black looks great at any occasion from the boardroom to the beach (yes that’s me in the boardroom and on the beach) and all occasions in between including weddings and funerals (!).

Acmena-180DSCF1371I believe that life is complex enough and we should seek opportunities to simplify it. Wearing exclusively black is a step too far for many but it works for me and has done for a great many years now.

My love of black is not the origin of the name ‘Blackshine’. This comes from the band Radiator¬† who had a hit with the track ‘Black Shine’ in 1999. I used to run a website dedicated to their awesomeness and stuck with it when the split.

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